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The focus of our Accounting Firm is to provide excellent customer services to our clients ensuring they are receiving knowledgeable and professional advice and guidance.

Focus on your growth

We produce detailed business management reports for our clients to understand and interpret the numbers to work together and focus on their future growth.


We do the preliminarily work to get a full understanding of your financial situation before choosing the best methods to help you achieve your goals.

About Us

AAT Accounting Solutions

AAT Accounting Solutions specializes in providing business and tax planning services to business owners looking for improved profits alongside comprehensive tax planning solutions.

  • We provide business management information to help you understand exactly what is going on in your business.
  • We conduct analysis of financial trends, to assist you make better business decisions and enhance your profits.

Our Services


This service includes preparation of your books by the way of collecting all the monthly financial information, categorising it and entering it accurately in the accounting software. We ensure to conduct a thorough review of your books and ensure all general ledger and bank accounts are reconciled and payroll compliant.


Our tax filing services help you stay compliant with the taxation laws by ensuring the lodgment and remittance of the respective income tax and sales tax are completed on time. In addition, our tax planning services take a holistic view of your financial situation and help you develop compensation plans that cater to your current and future needs.

Business Consulting

This service offers access to regular management information in real time and help you build an understanding of the difference between cash and profit. These offerings through our packages help you to avoid any potential business failures, and work towards enhancing your business growth.

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Anu S. Kakkar
Principal Consultant and Owner

Financial Expert

Anu S. Kakkar is a CPA Canada and works as a Principal Consultant and Owner at AAT Accounting Solutions. Anu is a strategic and analytical finance professional with experience in accounting roles ranging from transactional accounting, financial reporting, business process improvements, financial budgeting and forecasting, and handling small business taxation matters.

As a Principal Consultant and Owner of AAT Accounting Solutions, he offers virtual bookkeeping and CFO services to small business and non-profit organisations all over Canada. AAT Accounting’s primary aim is to help the business owners who are working too hard and not making enough money by assisting them to improve their business efficiency without worrying about the day-to-day financials of the business.


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