Medical Practices


The majority of the medical professionals own their medical practice to offer the highest quality medical consultation to patients. Their primary aim is to ensure their patients’ well-being instead of spending hours on maintaining their medical practice accounting. At AAT Accounting Solutions, we have years of experience providing exceptional bookkeeping, payroll, tax consulting, and business consulting services to medical professionals and helping them grow their businesses. 

Working with AAT Accounting Solutions, you will have peace of mind to run your medical practice smoothly by not only gaining access to accurate bookkeeping and being payroll and tax compliant but also by having access to advanced tax planning to save taxes and in-depth business financial planning to increase your profits and cash flow. 

Below are the services we offer to Medical Practitioners all over Canada:


Our Bookkeeping services include preparing your medical practice’s books by collecting monthly financial information, categorizing it, and entering it accurately in the accounting software. We conduct a thorough review of your books and ensure all general ledger and bank accounts are reconciled and payroll compliant. This service offers:

  • Accounts Payables processing
  • Accounts receivables processing
  • Payroll administration
  • Sales Tax Filing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Statement Preparation


Our Tax return submission and planning services ensure best practices are in place, so our clients are paying the least amount of taxes as possible. At AAT Accounting Solutions, we take a holistic view of your financial situation as a practice owner and help you develop compensation plans that cater to your current and future needs. Whether you are a sole proprietor, in a partnership, or have a corporation, we strive to help you with your taxation requirements and resolve any issues with CRA.

Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting services offer access to regular management information in real-time and help you understand the difference between cash and profit. These offerings through our packages help you to avoid any potential business failures and work towards enhancing your business growth. This service offers:

  • Monthly Financial dashboard
  • Accounts receivable monitoring.
  • Expense monitoring and advice.
  • Lean Business Planning
  • 1-year full financial forecast
  • Rolling cash flow and profit forecasts
  • Profit improvement resource center
  • Financial scenarios based on need.
  • Financial planning
  • Strategic Planning

We understand that each business has specific challenges, and our firm can provide customized solutions to you and your business.

How does the Process work?

We meet with you (online or in-person if you prefer) to discuss below:

  1. Your business’s current challenges and where you envision your business in the future.
  2. Existing tax planning strategies in place for tax minimization and retirement planning.

Keeping your challenges in consideration, we will provide you with our bundle of services that will work best for you.